Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Stuff, Etc.

Yes, I am still on deadline. These quilts grow like Topsy -- I finish one patch, then immediately find two more spots nearby that need work. But they're slowly getting finished.

Somehow yesterday I got poked...or bumped...or something. This morning, I have a red-streaked eye worthy of a Bleeker Street bum. Makes me look like I'm searching for the next shot of rotgut. It will be lovely to show off at music practice tonight for Christmas Eve services.

And the fastest response to my cravings yet -- Husband brought home a present from one of the bus drivers he trains for the school district. A huge batch of fudge with nuts!! mmmmmmmm

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And the worst news, especially for Michiganders. Both Ford and Chrysler have decided to idle their plants for at least a month. Generally the plants shut down for the holidays -- but this year, they won't reopen until toward the end of January. Things aren't that great in Detroit, anyways. Now those employees will have to live with less pay.

Here's that article:

Husband takes a forced two-week vacation every year around Christmastime. Everyone does who works for the school district. The teachers get paid for this time off, but regular employees do not, except for holidays. (It's worse in summer -- at least two forced weeks off, no holiday pay, plus half-time -- or less -- hours until August.)

It sounds wonderful -- time off to spend with your family -- but that December paycheck is a lean one. This year, we'll spend the time off in Michigan with the folks, my brother and his family.

Back to work. Maybe I should cultivate a hacking cough to go with the bleary eye.

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