Friday, December 19, 2008

Weather or Not You Need It...

Husband came home last night, feeling discouraged -- his office was just told their hours were being cut to 35 a week. That means we will go without 20 hours of salary a month that he's getting now.

Not fun. But we've lived on less than that -- we can do it. At least he isn't being laid off. Douglas County's school district has already announced a bunch of people are losing their jobs, come the new year.

Husband said, "I think I need to look for a new job." Fine by me!

Have you ever wondered what it looks like where I live? This cam is only a mile or so from my house...

This one's just down the road. (We can see I-25 from our dining room window. Not right next door -- down the hill a good ways.) Notice Castle Rock in the distance?

And this one is more out on the plains. We live in a very strange area, geographically speaking. Hilly bluffs and mountains, as well as buttes, are everywhere -- but so are wide-open spaces that seem to stretch forever. is a great place to find a local weather cam in your neck of the woods.

The sun is shining, a (cold) wind is roaring past the house...and we don't have a flake of snow coming down. Weird. But nice, I guess.

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