Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Resolutions...Then.

I was going to blissfully post on this...then got to thinking. What about my 2008 resolutions? I went back and checked, and they were:

*Finish one book -- and work on another (writing them -- not reading them!) Do some other writing, as well*Lose some weight (I am sooo sick of feeling bulgy)*Get the living room painted! (and windows replaced)*Spend some regular time in the garden -- no matter what*Get completely caught up with the restoration jobs*Learn some Portuguese*KNOW WHERE THINGS ARE (this would be especially wonderful)

Well. I didn't do so good. Granted, I did work on another book (2 of them, actually), but neither are completely done. I did publish some articles (and interviews). I did lose some weight working on the roof...but a lot of it's crept back on. (Guess what I'll be working on these next few months?) The living room is not painted, let alone new windows. (I didn't realize back then that the roofs would come first.)

On the other hand, I worked in the smaller house garden. The big one wasn't even attempted -- Colorado had its driest summer ever, and our plants paid the price. I also planted at least 75 bulbs this fall, as well as a number of perennials like pansies and pinks.

I made progress on the restoration projects, learned some Portuguese...and I do have a better idea of where things are, rather than just relying on the Brickworks staffers to do it for me.

I did make good progress on a goal I didn't even mention online -- $75 in savings every single month. It was easier than I'd thought. The secret: direct deposit. Fifty dollars went in one account, $25 in another. I also set up an account for paying our house taxes, and deposited money regularly in there. This winter, we will not have to scrape at the last minute to come up with the tax money.

Some progress is better than none!

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