Monday, January 12, 2009

Scratch Beginnings Takes Another Step Forward

Remember Adam Shepard, the kid who bet $25 and a year of his time on succeeding?

He got off the train in Charleston, SC. (The 7th worst city in the U.S., he says now...Husband would find this amusing, having been stationed in Charleston during the Navy.) A year later, he had $5000 in his bank account, no debts and a paid-off truck.

How'd he do it? Dedication, a little bit of luck...and work, work, work.

Adam's book, Scratch Beginnings, is a retell of his life in Charleston. A terrific read, though Daughter #1 pooh-poohed it bit: "He always knew he could go back to his family, and they'd take care of him. That makes a difference." That does make a difference in your mental attitude, I guess...but he never did. Instead, he went back to take care of his mom.

Adam's book is really catching on, including tv appearances:

Learn more about him at

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