Monday, January 19, 2009

Waiting for A New Era to Begin

It comes tomorrow...I hope Obama can -- and will -- accomplish at least some of the great things he's promised.

At any rate, a fresh look at the country is long overdue. I'm not so sure he's accomplished a turnover in Washingon, considering all the 'insiders' he's chosen for his cabinet positions. (ok, Ken Salazar, a cowboy-hat-loving Senator from Colorado for Secretary of the Interior...that's not an insider. But Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State?!? Ooh, I feel Daughter #1's indignant breath on my cheek already -- she is a huge fan of Hillary's.)

I do, however, really admire his remarks about crossing political barriers...and backing them up with his kind words about John McCain. Wow. I cannot remember a politician going out of his way to this extent!

But he does seem to be going at things somewhat differently, promising thoughtful decisions, rather than just rushing in and doing something fast, because the people demand it. Oh, if he can corral Uncle Sam's need to throw money at companies who are threatening... if Obama could brush aside the cries for pork projects, and really consider what our country needs --

And if he could figure out a way to resolve our involvement with Iraq without putting any more waves of soldiers in danger. (That one's a real humdinger.)

Good luck, Mr. President! You're going to need it. In case you're wondering where to begin, Cash Money Life's got a starting list for you:

I do believe that the level of respect for Bush's presidency will rise in coming decades, when people start to think through the difficult positions he's been in. (9/11, for example.) He's had to take a lot of guff for difficult decisions.

Bush was sparing with his last-minute pardons (good for him), including for two border agents who were in jail for shooting a drug smuggler (in the butt), and picking up the shell casings in an attempt to hide their actions. They got ten years -- and have served two. Read more here:

And before you leave that page, take a look at the famous people who've been pardoned by earlier Presidents, like Jimmy Hoffa, Patty Hearst, George Steinbrenner (!!!), and even Mark Felt (who recently admitted publicly that he was the famous Deep Throat).

Good luck, President Obama! What can we do to help?

Good luck, President Bush...and Godspeed.

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