Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Musings

Husband and I have one more anniversary jaunt...this time to a bed and breakfast down in the mountains near Colorado Springs. We've got the "Lookout" room -- 365-degree view, and a fireplace, too!

In the meantime, Get Rich Slowly has a thoughtful post on saving money -- but what's really important:

And ChristianPF has compiled a list of 25 helpful blogposts on personal finance. (Thanks, Cash Money Life!)

But not everything's about money., one of the best sites for debugging those "true" stories smeared around the Internet, has a thoughtful (true) post on a subway musician:

A needed comeuppance for someone who complained about an Air Force flyby (also true):

And very funny ways to deal with a Dear John letter: (It could be true!) to you soon.

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