Friday, February 20, 2009

Cellphones and Shipwrecks

Drop your cellphone into the sink...the toilet...or elsewhere?

This quickie video may help:

Basically, you:
*pull the battery RIGHT AWAY
*don't push any buttons
(so the water doesn't distribute itself further)
*sink the phone into a pan of uncooked rice for 24-48 hours...the rice acts as a dessicant to pull moisture out and (hopefully) make the cellphone usable again.

Unless, that is, you wear your cellphone while soaking in a hot tub (as Husband did one memorable evening).

* * * * * * *
A new shipwreck found -- and this one's a visual stunner:

The French battleship Danton, a casualty of WWI, was found almost intact in the Mediterranean, about 2/3 mile down on the seafloor somewhere between Italy and Algeria. A pipe-laying expedition accidentally surveyed the ship in 2007, and are showing photos now:


Jess said...

you can also put it in the oven on warm (make sure you remove the battery first) for 30 minutes, then the fridge for 30 minutes if nothing else works. I've fixed phones three times this way. underneath the refrigerator overnight will also often work to suck out the moisture.

Allison Ann Aller said...

When I spilled water into the keyboard of my laptop, my DH told me to quick turn it off, get out my blow dryer, and aim hot air into the keyboard for 10 minutes, which I did.

Fortunately, that "blue screen of death" telling me I had major hardware failure disappeared and my laptop was o.k.

Good tip with the rice!

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