Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dad Update

I know some of you blog friends have been following the health of my dad, suffering from bone cancer:

He's back in the hospital for a few days, to get re-hydrated. Radiation's stopped. (The doctor said it's helped control the pain, and that's all they planned for. I don't understand this, since Dad is still saying he's hurting.) Dad is too weak, though, for more right now. And there is no sign he'll get stronger.

Sometimes he's lucid, sometimes he's not. It comes and goes.

But Dad gets to be home soon-- where he wanted to be in the first place. Doctor told my mom 2-4 weeks. My brother thinks 2 weeks. I just want to be there. Have got to do the Mancuso conference first, which will take all next week.

Hang in there, Pa. I'm coming as soon as I can.

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