Sunday, February 1, 2009

How was Your Weekend?

It's been a long one.

My "baby," the California Gold exhibit, came down at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. It was time...the exhibit had been up for three months. I still felt like throwing myself against the entrance and moaning "Noooooo..." But I was a good girl. Together Karen, RMQM's collections manager, and I took the exhibit down, and started hanging the next one, a Depression era look at Sunbonnet Sue and other 30s/40s goodies. It's going to be a real pastel charmer -- you'll want to visit it at

Went out for burgers with our friends, plus the movie "Defiance." REALLY good -- you've got to go see this, especially if you have an interest in WWII history. I'd thought of myself as reasonably well-read on the Holocaust...but I'd never heard of the Bielski brothers.

A big batch of appraisals are finally finished up. Now to clean up around here, and get some serious restoration work done. I've got some corny musicals saved up, for just that purpose. (Quilt restoration uses your hands and eyes -- but your mind can still enjoy the antics of Judge Judy and Gene Kelly.)

Ebay Selling Coach is offering a free e-book on selling! All you have to do is download it:

And I intend to try out Gen X Finance's method for making a salad that will last all week:

Dad update, in case you're wondering:
It's not good.
His pain is a constant problem now. (Bone cancer is known for being particularly painful -- after all, your bones are being eaten out from the inside.) His medication hasn't been doing the job -- doctor just put him on a higher dosage of Oxycontin. No more pain...but Dad's mind kind of went south. Very confused -- and being a big man (6'3", though he's shrunk a bit now), he is very tough for my 5'2" Mom to handle. If he doesn't want to step to the bathroom, for example, she's not strong enough to make him!
The longer we can keep him out of the hospital, the better...but some kind of changes are needed. Clearly the Oxycontin will not be enough to handle his pain soon, either.

Past midnight. Time for bed -- and a fresh start tomorrow.

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