Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My dad is dead.

He died this morning, while I was at the judging breakfast. Strange, while I was getting ready, I kept praying for him and my mom. And for weeks now, I've had the feeling that Wednesday was going to be an important day. But I had thought it would be next Wednesday...not this one.

The service is next Monday. He and Mom talked last night, and he wanted me to stay and do my job. If I could have gotten there in time, I would leave now in a heartbeat. But he is gone.

I'll finish my job here. Then I can go and be with Dave (who is driving in with the girls), Mike, Lori and my mom.


My name is Stephanie said...

Cindy, I'm so sorry. I have a picture of your dad in my mind. It's of he and your mom in the second row during church service, watching his girl sing praises to her Lord. Even though he was suffering, no one knew his pain but you, your mom, and Dave. I love you and am thinking of you often.

Vicki said...

Cindy, you're in my thoughts. I can't imagine what you're going through, but hopefully you're feeling the mental hugs coming your way!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Sending much love your way, Cindy.

sweetbabies00 said...

I lost my Dad in '94, and it still hurts. If I start to get sad, I tell myself that MY DAD, would not want me to be sad. Any sort of bad stuff from his death, I just push it aside and remember the sweet stuff. My heart goes out to you.

Laura said...

Cindy, you certainly have had our prayers throughout this time. We hope things are moving along OK for you, and will pray for everyone's comfort and peace. Perhaps your dad, and my mom, shall meet, and become friends in Heaven. Laura and Family

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