Monday, February 16, 2009

Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff

Happy Presidents' Day!

After a luxurious sleep-in (and French toast, instead of pancakes!), it's back to an appraisal to do this afternoon. Life never stops.

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Have you heard about the Texas fireball? Brace yourself...this really is weird:

And the lady who threw a very memorable temper tantrum at the airport? (Must have been a Monday...)

And, courtesy of the "I-Don't-Feel-So-Bad-About-My-Own-Goofs" department, Cheap Healthy Good's newest Hall of Shame:

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I'm currently on the lookout for different presents for Niece's upcoming bridal shower in early March. This Amazon special caught my eye: a graceful little glass pot and a selection of tea 'flowers', all packed in a bamboo box, for $12.50. That's 62% off -- Wow! (Order two, and you get free shipping.) The tea balls look all dried up, but put them into near-boiling water, and a graceful little flower unfolds. Not only that, they make multiple cups of great tea. (The flower can be used three times.)

I bought just the tea flowers at a Chinese market a few months ago, and paid nearly $10. If you're looking for a pretty present for a birthday or Mother's Day, this may be just the ticket. Go to:

Or just visit and click on their 'Goldbox' deal. But don't wait...these are good just for the day, and in limited quantities. (I ordered five.)

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