Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Thoughts

Living in a garbage truck? Why not, when you see this one! It's better than some of our apartments:

And don't miss out on the decorated truck slideshow afterwards...those Germans get all the good stuff, though. We Americans have to make do with just a Pringles truck.

* * * * * * * *
Daughter #1 came to Castle Rock yesterday to celebrate Husband's birthday. She insisted she had to go back last night, so DH dutifully took her to the lightrail, some 15 min. drive from us. (Meanwhile, a storm had literally come up out of nowhere, and it was blowing like crazy.)

I was washing dishes and talking to my mom when they both reappeared -- the temp had literally dropped from 60 (this afternoon) to 18. Cars were wiping out everywhere...the guy behind them disappeared for a minute as he whirled around toward the ditch...and they limped to the lightrail stop, only to see it leave as they pulled up. Daughter has only one chance to catch the bus to her mountain cabin, and she was pretty sure she'd miss it. (I have recurring nightmares of her anyways, shivering in inadequate jacket and no gloves, waiting for a bus that never comes. Sigh.)

So Daughter was back to spend the night. And welcome she was.

I took her back this morning, with the sun blazing fit to kill. The highways were just slushy, but when we turned off toward the train station downturn, the same pattern repeated itself -- icy streets, ambulances, police lights flashing. And some moron in a van almost creamed us at a stoplight.

It was a relief to get home, to a leftover chunk of Red Robin's "shrooms" burger, a slice of Sachertorte, coffee and the morning paper. (You eat your favorite breakfast...I'll eat mine!) Now to a pile of lovely fabric and samples to sew. What a pleasure on a sunny Colorado Saturday morning.

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