Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Goes On

It's nice to be home.

Woke up this morning to fresh snow, coffee perking, and Husband's smiling face, hair sticking out in every direction. Gosh, I love that man.

Back to life -- 'everyday' life, whatever that is. An appraisal this morning. Lecture tonight for the Longmont guild. A sinkful of dishes, and clothes to hang out on the line. Catching up with my favorite curmudgeon, Judge Judy. (Watched "24" episodes last night...ok, we're caught up. Jack Bauer can now shoot the next bad guy! I've even taken to chanting "kneecaps, kneecaps" whenever the words "Jack" and "torture" occur in the same sentence.)

Mom is headed back to life, too. Last night she slept in the house alone -- the first time since my dad died. A cheerful phone conversation with her this morning...she was eating burgers with her friend Ann after a visit to Aunt Arlene in the hospital. (Astonishingly, she's doing better! She's now in a regular room, and this morning, was griping about the quality of her breakfast. A good sign. You could care less about that sort of stuff when you're dying.)

Brother Mike and his family are going to Florida the end of this week for spring break. I'm so glad. He has taken so much of the burden in the past month, and he can rest some.

I will never forget my dad, even as the ground warms and green sprouts appear. I will never forget him. (And I will see him again.) In the meantime, you go on.

Be sure to take some time to follow Messy Thrilling Life's adventures lately. She's deep in the throes of holding garage sales, auctions, etc. to pay the bills and Keep On. She's also shutting the blog down in early April...only a few weeks to hear more. (I'd even suggest taking some time to read her back posts -- she's that good.)

Also, a Lincoln photo publicized that may be the last taken:

There are so few photos of this remarkable man, that a newly-found one would be remarkable.

Back to life.

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