Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Passive Barriers - Yes, They Apply to You!

One of the best financial advice posts in a long, long time. Ramit does tend to be a bit long-winded, but in this case, it's helpful. Put J.D.'s Get Rich Slowly blog on your daily to-read list; you'll never regret it.

Here it is:


How many barriers do YOU put up in life? I am thinking right now of a check I must send...but that means I have to look up another e-mail and print out a file to go with it. So do I take five minutes, and look it up? Nah, I just keep it on my to-do list. (But I will after posting this!)

Ninety percent of the piles around Casa Brick are stuff that's ready to put away, but it will "take a minute" I don't want to spend right now. So there they sit...and sit...and sit. Shame on me.

Now I'm off to demolish a passive barrier or two. Hopefully permanently.


Jess said...

this is one of the reasons I was so insistent on putting leftovers in clear plastic containers in the fridge. You might think I'm being silly, but I honestly believe that not being able to see the food in the container just by glancing at it makes you less likely to pull the container out of the fridge and actually eat what's in it. It also makes you less likely to pull the container and throw it out once that food you haven't eaten goes bad. In the short run, you save money on containers by reusing old margarine containers, but in the long run, that savings is negated by all the leftover food that gets tossed insteadof being used. I cut up all my veggies right when I get home from the grocery store too. Otherwise I'll be lazy when I'm actually hungry and just grab a bag of chips instead.

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

This is so true. My friends who struggle the most put barriers into almost every situation, in fact it has inspired me to do a post!

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