Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow. Snow. And yes -- More Snow

Looked at the calendar absentmindedly...and the date sprang into view. More than a month since Dad died.

I miss my dad. I will always miss my dad. It won't be any easier next week -- his birthday is April 1st.

Life goes on...

We woke up this morning to more than a foot of snow, after a remarkably bare winter. So March came in like a lamb around here, and it has to prove itself?!? A knee-deep drift decorates the front sidewalk. The boys floundered around in it, then like proper "old man" dogs, demanded to come in. Backs powdered in white stuff; Goonie with happy eyes. (Hates it on his toes, loves it on his nose.)

Husband took a sick day on Wednesday to try and get rid of some flu hanging on. He works for the school district; since yesterday and today were cancelled school days, he gets 'em off, too! It's been a huge help for him, but I can hear legions of schoolkids (those on regular schedule, that is) stomping and griping -- because, you see, this week is Spring Break.

Yesterday was horrendous. Snow was coming down forwards. And backwards. Sideways. Vertically too at times, just for fun. We went out for errands, and even in a Jeep Cherokee, barely got back. (Ice forming under the fast-falling snow.) We ended up getting out twice to help push smaller cars up the hill, so they could get some traction. It was a miracle to come home to a warm, quiet house. Now if only the Good Fairy had stopped by to do some dishes...

Today, the sun is shining fit to burst its buttons. COLD. Better to stay home, work on the book, and toast my toes in comfort. A sentiment which the boys echo.

* * * * *
A warm, toasty blog to visit is Mile Hi Mama. I love her matter-of-fact approach to stuff, even though she does believe the AIG executives should get their bonuses. (They were promised them -- they get them, she reasons. Which really isn't illogical -- if they'd actually earned them.) Here she is:

I looked at the credit card balances. The plane tickets for Dave and the girls came due. A book order needs to be paid -- and it's a big one. Can I do without buying groceries and goodies for a while? Stay tuned...

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