Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Musings, Soapsuds and All

Yes, folks, there IS a Good Fairy! To my astonishment this morning, Husband announced that he was doing the pile of dishes in the sink. He hasn't done dishes for months! (Hates it, and most of the time, I don't mind scrubbing them myself.)

The kitchen is almost clean...and I'm dumbfounded. I did have to stop and admire the shining metal sink, though. (Husband insisted.)

Sun is shining to beat the band. Snow's melting fast, too. We're due for more tomorrow, and again on Wednesday. Will see what happens.

This article is an 8-pager, but it's a recount on how -- and why -- professional sports players lose much of their fabulous salaries. Some lessons in there for us, too:

Not that I have $16 million or so to play with...but fascinating, all the same.

It's not just athletes -- actors, musicians and entertainers take their hits too:

We watched North Carolina's NCAA basketball game last night, thanks to the computer. (Yet another reason why we're planning to go back to basic cable -- some idiot on the east coast decided Coloradoans only needed to see the Kansas/Michigan State game. Not that it wasn't good, too...)
All I can say is: GO CAROLINA!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

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