Monday, April 13, 2009


*Christ the Lord is Risen Today. I am so grateful for this...what a difference He has made in my life.

*Daughter #1 is definitely healing. Whew.

*It rained. All day. Hard. No doubt some of you have this happen all the time -- but it's a once-every-month-or-so happening for my part of Colorado. Any moisture is welcome in our 'High Desert' climate. (Thanks so much to the guys at church who were on 'umbrella patrol' in the parking lot!)

*We made it through Easter services. Husband led music for both services...feeling crappy, but the other Worship Team leader has strep. He (and the team) did a tremendous job.
--I dragged myself there, with Daughter #2 in tow. Came home, ate ham and asparagus with pecan tart for dessert, then a three-hour nap. Delicious --

*I am making progress on The Book. Albeit slower than I'd planned. Only one diagram to go.

*Someday this will all be a fond -- albeit harassed -- memory. Double whew.

Hopefully your weekend went wonderfully well.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Cindy, you know I've always wanted to go to Colorado! The mountains look so beautiful!

So pleased to hear that your daughter is getting better.

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