Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend (thank God)

...and I mean that literally. Where would we be without a break from the 'everyday' schedule.

It's been especially nice to be with Husband. I enjoy going out of town...I really do. It's fun to visit new places, try new things. I love meeting new quilters -- trying new stuff.

but I miss Husband soooo much...he can rarely come with. I don't sleep well without him, and time when I'm not working is generally lonesome. I miss his warm snuggliness. I miss his wry comments. I miss HIM.

Some things I've discovered, thanks to Husband --

MTV's new show, "Bully Beatdown." Guys who have been tormented by a friend or relative nominate their bully to face a professional fighter in a ringside bout. If Bully can last for two 3-minute bouts, he wins $10,000 -- if he doesn't, his friends get the cash.

I've only seen two shows, and they were alternately funny and crude. (And if you enjoy seeing a bully get the crap beaten out of them, a delicious sense of vengeance, too.) Tonight's show, the bully didn't land many punches -- he would have lost the fight, point-wise -- but he held on, and won the $10,000! (He also threw up, sort of apologized to his victims, and had to have oxygen afterwards.) Lisa VanderWerf from middle school, where are you and your posse? I have someone who would like to meet you...

More things:

*Chicago Hot Dogs. (weird green relish, amazing crunchy mix of dill pickle, roasted dog, mustard, hot peppers. No catsup, no way.) I had one in the airport on the way to/from home. (Husband got one brought back, too.)

*Cash Cab. Husband found this tv show, as well...a guy driving NY City asks his customers Jeopardy-style questions on the way to their destination. If they get them all right, they get the ride free -- and cash! (If not, they get let out somewhere along the way.)

*The merits of long Sunday afternoon naps.

*The Bucket List. A way better movie than the reviews suggested. (And that's coming from someone who generally loathes Jack Nicholson.)

What can I say. I love Husband. I love his quirky, wonderful ways. And for my part, I introduced him to the charms of Jesse James and Celebrity Apprentice. Jesse has been brilliant in computer work, marketing, has stayed out of the petty bickering and fights others have indulged in (especially, sadly, the women)...and he's refused to trade off the reputation of his wife, Sandra Bullock. He got chewed out for it, too. ("I don't mix business with pleasure," he said. Gutsy.)

* * * * * *
A cruise ship finally won against the pirates! Six guys in a small white boat tried to board an MSC cruise ship off the coast of Somalia. Unfortunately, they didn't reckon with the Israeli security force on board, who fought back with pistols and water hoses. Good for them:

We've took an MSC Caribbean cruise a few years back. Wonderful value -- the food was great, people we met on board were very interesting (a wide mix of Canadians, Europeans and Americans), and the crew were remarkable. We had a wonderful time.

Now I have one more reason to trust them.

* * * * * *
Tonight, it's back to work. But I feel better.

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