Saturday, August 29, 2009

Vacations -- Except We Don't Get One least for a while...

going to Michigan several times this year (for Dad's sickness, funeral and checking on Mom) drained our extra funds badly. Husband also has two unpaid weeks during the summer -- most school employees do who aren't teachers. (They also have two unpaid weeks around the holidays.) We've kept the bills paid, but more because of my work than anything else. (God knows -- I mean that literally -- that we needed the extra cash to get through this summer.)

But we're hoping to go on vac soon. Maybe a day in Grand Junction, to pick up a bushel or two of peaches?

Or perhaps a few days in Capitol Reef, Utah, to go camping?

Husband would love to go to Panama. (He's curious about retiring there.)

I'd love to go to Ireland. (Our cousins are missionaries in Galway -- the same cousins I spent a summer with when they lived in Vienna.)

The Simple Dollar has some interesting memories about childhood vacations, cloaked under a question -- 'Is it worth making some sacrifices on vacation -- or should you go whole hog and who cares about the consequences?'

We did a lot of vacation traveling during my childhood. My dad was a mechanic and a farmer -- hardly a millionaire. (Anyways, he was too much of a Hollander to spend much money.) We did it by camping, eating nearly all of our meals at fireside or a picnic table. We spent our money on gas, not hotels. By the time I married, I'd traveled in at least thirty states, plus Mexico and Canada, but had only stayed in a hotel a few times.

Like Simple Dollar, we ate our share of bologna sandwiches. (I don't care for them now -- but Husband loves a good pb&j.) But he's right -- making your own food can save you big bucks. Does paying $10 for a sandwich make it any easier, if you're on vacation? I don't think so.

What were your childhood vacations like? How does that compare to your vacations as an adult?
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Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

The best vacations for me are those "stay-cations" near home. We have so many wonderful things to explore near us, yet we never take the time. Budget vacations are perfect to do some local exploring.

Allison Ann Aller said...

You know, we went to a few "resorts" when I was a kid...but I know I would have loved camping with the family so much more!!!!

Sue Cahill said...

My childhood vacations were spent at my Grandparent's cottage in the Northeast corner of Vermont, right on the Quebec border,very remote and lovely. We swam, hiked, climbed mountains, picked blueberries and played lots of boardgames when it rained. No TV no civilization. My kids loved it too.

I miss that cottage so much, part of my soul will always be there. After my dad passed away my mom couldn't keep it up and sold, my heart was broken but it is too far away for me to have bought it myself.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Kris said...

I only remember one vacation as a child, a drive to Florida to visit my mothers parents. My father didn't believe in them:-((

Meanwhile, I just got back from a nice one - a flight to Nevada to visit my daughter. Maybe the apple didn't fall too far from the tree?

Mary said...

We went to visit family in New Jersey, we lived in Michigan at the time. Life was a lot simpler in the "60's" My husband does not know what it was like to stop at a motel on the road and get a room for the night. He always calls ahead and plans where he will stop. I like the traveling in the area where you live, so much to see.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

My Mom & Dad were camping before anyone went camping and that is the type of vacation we always had as kids. Like you, I saw a lot of the states, about half, as well as most of Canada (still need to see PEI and the territories). NEVER ate in restaurants! Or stayed in hotels!

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