Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wonderful Graphics - Free for Use!

I just found the Graphics Fairy, a blogger who generously passes on any number of old photos, scrapbook bits and other illustrations -- free for you to use! They're perfect for scrapbooking and home dec, quilts and other needlework.

I'm a sucker for Victorian era stuff, which she has in abundance. But there are plenty of other items too, including fancy bottle labels (which I recently priced in Tuesday Morning at big $$) and maps of Paris, the British Museum and London.

Sprint, don't walk here -- and take a look.

You go, girl! (And thank you.)


Amy said...

Hi Cindy-

Thanks for stopping by my blog! The drying rack, thingy, I found at goodwill for 4 dollars. It's actually a shoe rack that can hang over the door. But I figured it would work as a drying rack and it has been fantastic! I see them at the Goodwill where we live all the time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, what a wonderful site!

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