Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Snug in Omaha

...and had a great time talking about quilt restoration, looking at potential pieces (damaged, but with lots of potential), and THINKING. Having all these ideas, techniques, possibilities thrown about is like a blast of fresh, cool air through my mind.

That's the wonderful thing about a national conference or workshop -- you get all sorts of people from all over (our group ranged from Omaha to South Carolina, Texas and even Australia). As a result, you also get all sorts of ideas and concepts that can range from t-shirt quilts to Martha's Flower Garden to All the Wonderful Things You Can Do With Pee. (Yours truly's shamefaced contribution to the discussion...I'm working on an article about it.)

I feel better already.

Tomorrow is dating fabric (I teach this one), then the afternoon is storage, cleaning and a general roundup. Goody goody goody.

It seems as if the Quilt Restoration Workshops are going to go on, after Nancy Kirk retires this year... you should consider attending. They're great fun, and you learn SO much. Even if you're one of the teachers!

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