Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yes, We're Still Here!

15 Ways to Look Less Tired: check here.

It's a lovely day out...a garden bed awaits, for planting in cold-weather greens. The beans are bearing quite nicely, and the zucchini plants are kicking out a few pale green beauties each day. (Too bad the tomatoes aren't doing their part as lively.)

In case you've visited the Brickworks site lately, it would be easy to assume we're not around anymore. (sigh) The truth is that our hosting site has been switching to a different server -- and taking far too blamed long to be doing it. It's hard to be patient. In just a few days, however, the problem should be fixed.

So don't take BRICKWORKS ( ) and CLASSY GIRL ( ) out of your address book -- especially when we're close to announcing a pre-pub special for my newest book, QUILTS OF THE GOLDEN WEST!

And don't forget the giveaway, either --
In celebration of this blog's 500th post, I'm offering a free giveaway -- your choice of a Patchwork Joys kit (fabric, book and goodies) or a Crazy Joys kit (Crazy quilt fabric, floss and embellishments). It's perfect for stitching up a holiday present -- or just give the kit itself!Leave a comment sometime before Sept. 15 -- one per post. The more you leave, the better chances you have for winning!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Webserver problems are the pits.
Hope yours is solved soon.
Now I have to check out those 15 ways to look less tired!!!

(Wish you could have some of our tomatoes.....)

Shelia said...

Server problems make you want to growl!! Hope things are up and moving soon. Can't wait for your 500th post. That is definately an accomplishment. Happy quilting.
Shelia Chandler

Anonymous said...

Oh yes please I'd love to win!!

Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

Your perseverance will be rewarded, I'm sure. Computer problems are so annoying! Congrats on the upcoming 500th post - I've just barely passed 100 myself!

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