Monday, October 12, 2009

Frontier - and Challenges!

Earlier this afternoon, I was so frustrated, I could have spit. (An old Michigan expression that doesn't sound nearly as good in print as when you're, well, spitting the words out!)

Frontier changed my flight reservation for coming home. I was supposed to work all day at the conference -- and the little dears at Frontier changed my flight.

To 11 a.m. In the morning. Without letting me know, until I got the notice from Orbitz last night.

See why I was so mad?!

Thankfully, the folks at Orbitz were able to reschedule me to the redeye flight next morning -- 6:52 a.m. Oh joy.

Meanwhile, the Mancusos cleared my Saturday schedule and stuffed everything on Friday, instead! I'll be very busy then...but now I have Saturday for more work, plus finishing up the hanging appraisals, as well.

And if I'm lucky, a quick visit to the Winchester Mystery House Saturday afternoon, as well.

There's no use adding another night at the hotel, since I'd have to be at the airport so early next morning, anyways. I'll just go to the airport after supper, and do some work there.

But I'd love to march down to the Frontier offices and personally spank whichever yahoo thought to cancel my later flight -- and not let anyone, including Orbitz, know until yesterday. That was not appreciated.

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