Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting On With It

More appraising...trudge, trudge, trudge. Except for a break for lunch, Nancy (the girl who foolishly agreed to scribe for me), along with yours truly, was either meeting with someone, schlepping them up or down the escalator and two hallways, or typing away to get that appraisal done before the next person came up the escalator. (Note to self: try not to get too upset when you attempt three times to spell escalator -- and have to dither about it before you get it.)

Anyhow, I am here...but very tired.

Had a lovely supper out under the stars -- leftover lasagne (but I didn't have to cook it!), a glass of champagne and some hot tea with a handful of pecans. And a long discussion about the effects of the human will on sickness. Oh yes, and whether Language of Flowers meanings had something to do with the ways herbs and flowers are used for medical purposes. (I'll bet they do...and could think of a few examples, at least.)

Thanks, Nancy and Clayton. It was wonderful.

Off to bed -- and dream of tomorrow, stuffed full of people asking questions, holding quilts.

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