Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday plans

Millionaire Mommy has an interesting post on 'taking control of your life:' in her case, that means starting a new business multiple times. I'm not so sure about following her advice exactly -- some of this seems like a lick and a promise, rather than a concrete approach. But she's definitely got some interesting ideas. Some I've used for my own business, Brickworks -- for one thing, don't spend like you've got money stacked to the sky! Grow your biz slowly, and it will be stronger. More importantly, it will last longer.

Had a sudden brainwave this morning. I plan to go to an appraisers conference in New York City Aug. 5-8. Both daughters' birthdays are in early August; why not take them with as a birthday present? They could explore while I'm in class, and we could spend a little time together. I love them dearly, and all three of our lives mean we don't spend much time together.

I called and texted them. Still waiting to hear what they think.

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