Thursday, October 15, 2009

Santa Clara, Here I Am...

Got into the San Jose airport in a incredibly bumpy trip. Rain glistening everything at the midnight hour. Fell into bed, but couldn't sleep. Got up. Took a hot bath, read about ten pages of Les Miserables (my current thick book-reading), out like a light.

Judged all day today. (Why is it I keep hearing in my head, "Judge not, let ye be judged." I'm going to be in big trouble!) Dragged back to the hotel - fell into bed again, slept for a few hours. Had a snack, read more. If you haven't read Les Miz for yourself (seeing the movie doesn't count, though it helps), find a copy, pronto. Victor Hugo tends to take these huge leaps off into the unknown -- more than 30 pages on Battle of Waterloo, for example! -- but I am amazed at his vivid descriptions and clarity. More than once, I found myself crying or talking out loud. This for a novel published in 1862? How many books make you do that!?!

Now it's on to Day #2, and appraising. This will be a quiet one: only a few appraisals in the room, but lots of hanging appraisals.

The show has some beauties, including an incredible golden wholecloth quilt with shining embellishments, some really nice floral samplers (one in country fabrics on red!), and some of the prettiest bustier/formal wearables I've seen in a long time. If you're in the area, a trip to Pacific International is well worth it.

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