Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still Here...Under the Snowflakes

We had a pretty big storm start last night, about midnight.

Thankfully, I'd gotten home about 11:00 p.m., after giving a talk for the newly-formed textile history group meeting at the Creative Needle quilt/fabric shop. (A great place, by the way, to find not only the newest fabrics, but great stuff in needlepoint, cross-stitch and other needlearts, as well as a new sewing machine!) For more on the group -- which promises to be very interesting, and yours truly will be joining, too -- try the Creative Needle's calendar.

The night before, I spoke for the Alpine Quilters, in the mountains above Morrison.

And the night before that, I'd barely gotten home from California!

Needless to say, catching up is still a big part of this girl's equation. The bod doesn't know if it's coming or going yet.

* * * * *
QUILTS OF THE GOLDEN WEST is doing great -- we've already sold out of our first batch of books, and are waiting for the second batch, so we can fill more orders! (Nearly half are already spoken for.) If you'd like a copy too, they're $24.95, including free shipping...and a copy of the Grandma's Quilt Pattern Quilts of the Pioneers will be thrown into the mix, on the house. Just write or phone via the Brickworks website.

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