Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day Before Thanksgiving Musings

The Coinstar people are at it in $40 worth of coins, and get $10 free! It's simpler than you think; load in your coins, get the 'loaded' gift card or e-cert from the machine, then mail in the claim form at the bottom of your receipt. Voila..I got a $10 Amazon gift card this way last year. (The deal's good through Dec. 6.)

Also, a treasure of '60s Texas photographs of Important People (including one of Kennedy's motorcade, moments before his assassination) found dumped under a Forth Worth, TX bridge. Authorities suspect that it was part of the items taken from a historical society five years ago.

Putting up...and actually finding floors and counters underneath all that stuff. A miracle. Kind of like the Italian Mafia boss who was let out of jail early, for 'medical reasons.' (Paralysis, supposedly.) When arrested, he was dining sans wheelchair, having driven to the restaurant in his sportscar. The cops asked what happened, and he replied, "It's a miracle!"

This IS a miracle; an incredible meteor shower in South Africa.

* * * * *
Don't forget about my Hot Chocolate giveaway! Here are the particulars:

-- actually, THREE new giveaways, thanks to Carolina Pad. This stationery company has come up with some of the most colorful, cheerful (and very high quality) stationery products I've seen in a long time. And thanks to their generous donation, we're going to send three stationery gifts out for three lucky people, in time for Christmas giving!

Here's the plan. (I'll repeat it again in future posts -- don't worry.)
You've got at least three chances to enter:

* Post a comment on any posts between today (Nov. 21) and Dec. 4. Yammer on about whatever you'd like. (You'll have an entry for every comment, but it's limited to one a day.)

*Visit Carolina Pad, come back, and let me know your favorite design there. Make this a separate comment. (In case you're wondering, the giveaways will all be in their classy 'Hot Chocolate' pattern.)

*Join up -- become a follower of my blog, and earn a third entry in the contest!

The contest ends Dec. 4...and we'll announce the winners Dec. 6.

* * * *

Now, if I could only get one of my family to watch some of those Pilgrim Thanksgiving specials with me...that would be a miracle, too.

Have a wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving.

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