Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lost and Found...In More Ways Than One!

The newest in found treasures -- a little boy digging in his backyard recovered wedding rings the previous owner lost gardening decades ago. A photo gallery of other found treasures are included on this one.

AND -- We at Brickworks are proud to announce that HANKY PANKY CRAZY QUILTS is back in print! It's taken months of effort, but new copies of the book will be arriving at the Brickworks offices by the end of the month. (Just in time for Christmas, we might add. These books make great presents.)
The best news of all -- HANKY PANKY is still only $12.95, including free shipping!

You can order your own bit of Hanky Panky at the Brickworks website. We won't charge your credit card, or cash your check or money order, until we ship the books in early December.

And keep an eye out for the HANKY PANKY sequel, headed out sometime in midwinter/early spring.

* * * * * *
Skies are gray again. Getting chilly again. Husband and Daughter #2 are thrilled; they head out for elk hunting today. When it's nice out, the elk stay up in the high country. When temps drop, they come down out of the mountains and head for the plains. This means if you get one, you won't have to spend all night (literally) trying to schlep it down and out...just four hours or so, instead! (Our backcountry really IS rough.)

I'm headed to Grand Junction and the quilt show -- but first, a talk on Crazy Quilts tonight. Go to my schedule if you'd like more info.

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