Monday, November 2, 2009

Mourning Ribbons, Performing Cats and More

What -- these don't go together in your mind?? :)

*Mourning ribbons hold a fascination for me -- partly because they've been around for hundreds of years, partly because they are such a strong signal of that person's importance to their world. Presidential ribbons are a special favorite -- and I just scored a 1994 Richard Nixon one off Ebay! Whoo hoo!
Here's a Benjamin Franklin ribbon I can only aspire to. (Maybe you can afford its $3000-plus price.)
I wonder if there's a Michael Jackson mourning ribbon?

*And the kitties, for fellow cat-lovers on this blog...

Here's the best compilation of singing and talking kitties I know of. Our cat Sheba used to do a scritchy ditty similar to this little guy. Also, a 'mouser' and a kitty who goes nuts when his string is taken away. Best of all: the Moscow Cat Theatre. (I don't make this stuff up -- I just chronicle it!)

* * * * * *
Yours Truly was mistaken in some of her fussing. (sigh) My new book, Quilts of the Golden West, has been doing wonderfully. (That was no mistake.) BUT I got the newest royalty statement, and it's clear I misunderstood the Kansas City Star accountant. The book sold $5100 worth in September -- not 5100 books.
I know it's done great in October, so I'm not too embarrassed. But please stand by as Yours Truly mops her red face with a handkerchief, and says "Oops. Sorry."

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