Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Week Ahead

Gray clouds, gusting across the sky as if they're late to an Important Appointment. After a few days of near-balmy temps, we're back to chilly nights. Thank goodness for space heaters and warm backs, both canine and human.

My brave friend at Messy Thrilling Life is thinking pie, after an afternoon scavenging pecans from the wet ground. Can it be...? Is Pie Time that close? I've whiffed off a few versions, thanks to the Michigan apples crowded in the fridge vegetable crisper (and a very aromatic box of apples and popcorn balls that came through the mail for Halloween). Husband, that born-and-bred Southerner, though, craves "pay-kan" for Thanksgiving.

Headed out on Wednesday to Grand Junction, CO, and the Colorado West Quilters' Guild 'Quilt Show 2009:' an extravaganza of quilts, sewing stuff, exhibits and vendors from Nov. 13-15, 2009. First off: a lecture Wednesday night the 11th on "The Incredible Crazy" for the guild: come if you can!

Then judging all day Thursday, and appraisals Friday and Saturday. A busy week -- but I've got some things to finish up here the next few days, like a little Hanky Panky. (always fun!)

Have a good week yerself.

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