Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekend Stuff...and Announcing A Contest!

Check out this video of a patrolman valiantly trying to write a ticket, while a neighborhood cat takes a liking to him -- and climbs up his leg. And shoulder. And rubs around his head. Repeatedly.
This kitty is lucky it's not in the slammer. Must be a cat burglar.

Man vs Debt has to eat his words -- and the experience is none too pleasant.

Speaking of eating, a 30-min. Thanksgiving meal. We're going to take slightly more hour, thanks to the spatchcocking method I mentioned in a few posts back. (I hope it works!) Daughter #1 keeps talking about needing a Really Strong pair of household scissors. I have a pair...but will they do the trick?

Slept in this morning -- lovely. Then took an afternoon nap, as well -- both of us could not keep our eyes open. In typical Brick fashion, it's a little before 11 p.m., and we're both going strong now. Husband is working on the music for tomorrow's worship team, banging away at the piano...I come in with an alto part now and then. The dishes are staring me in the face, though, begging me to scrub them up before bed.

Both the Grand Junction and Cheyenne gigs went very, very well. Lots of appraising at both -- a Crazy lecture in 'GJ,' (that's what they call it) plus judging 250 quilts in a day. (Yep, you read that right. Couldn't have done it without the 8-plus scribes that helped. Thanks so much, guys.)
Cheyenne was a Golden West lecture, then appraising. Some beautiful pieces...some wonderful, interesting, generous people at both places. You are so kind!

Then home. And planning.

* * * * * * * *
It's time for a new giveaway -- actually, THREE new giveaways, thanks to Carolina Pad. This stationery company has come up with some of the most colorful, cheerful (and very high quality) stationery products I've seen in a long time. And thanks to their generous donation, we're going to send three stationery gifts out for three lucky people, in time for Christmas giving!

Here's the plan. (I'll repeat it again in future posts -- don't worry.)
You've got at least three chances to enter:

* Post a comment on any posts between today (Nov. 21) and Dec. 4. Yammer on about whatever you'd like. (You'll have an entry for every comment, but it's limited to one a day.)

*Visit Carolina Pad, come back, and let me know your favorite design there. Make this a separate comment. (In case you're wondering, the giveaways will all be in their classy 'Hot Chocolate' pattern.)

*Join up -- become a follower of my blog, and earn a third entry in the contest!

The contest ends Dec. 4...and we'll announce the winners Dec. 6.


Sarah said...

Am I missing something? Where are the other comments to try to win that awesome Carolina pad set? Did you want the comments on OTHER posts BESIDES this one? Hey, I tried, I yammered. ;-)

I found you on Money Saving Mom's Mr. Linky. Thanks for the chance to win.

Sarah said...

Here's my 2nd entry, with my favorite color scheme for the Carolina pad set. I'm lucky that they're giving away the Hot Chocolate color combo, because that's my favorite, and I really did browse them all. :-)

Thanks for hosting.

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