Monday, November 9, 2009

Weirdness -- And Goodness -- On the Internet

I am in a strange mood.

Skies have cleared -- I have a ton of work -- so what do I do? Fool around on the internet, collecting oddball stuff.

Movie stars that fight with their (druggie/neglectful/manager/greedy/pushy) parents.

Million Dollar Journey lost their wallet. (I actually found one once at the parking check-in at DIA, Denver's airport. The person apparently had leaned out their car window to pull the ticket, and dropped it at the same time. Never could figure out who they accomplished this...but the lady was thrilled to get her wallet back.)

Crazy Aunt Purl's moment of truth: that her house is never cleaner than when she's avoiding a deadline. ( Husband wishes I'd suffer from this malady more, no doubt.) Check out the Nov. 2 post.

The latest Carnival of Money posts , featuring Gather Little by Little's personal money flaws. (These are actually quite good.)

Daughter #1 wants to try the latest thing in cooking turkey: spatchcocking it. Supposedly you can cook a 12-lb turkey moist and juicy in about an hour! Martha Stewart mentioned it in the December issue of her magazine, and Southern Foodette gives a nice photo step-by-step how-to. Take a look here. (By the way, SF agrees with Martha -- she said it turned out deliciously.)

The Brazilian who showed up to his own funeral.

And CheapHealthyGood has one of the yummiest -- and easiest -- recipes for potato gnocchi I've seen in a long time. (Potatoes are on sale around here, and I'm guessing, in your neck of the woods, as well.) Follow the name link to a squash version, as well.

Now if I can only find a few recent Bigfoot sightings, my day will be complete. Is this one freaky enough?

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