Sunday, December 27, 2009

Between Holidays

Monday's panting on the horizon...and I know I have to Get Back to Work soon.


It was a lovely Christmas, in spite of our strange schedule -- everybody slept in until 10 a.m. or so (thank God for twenty-something children) and we didn't even have breakfast until noon. (Supper was at 8 p.m. Another spatchcocked turkey, British crackers (with strange party hats), and sachertorte for dessert.)

The girlies have both gone home...the Mama is still here, though, until Tuesday morning...and it seems strangely quiet. They won't be back for New Year's -- they enjoy going out with friends New Year's Eve, and we prefer cowboy movies, pizza and a quiet evening. (Too many drunken weirdos out on the street!)

For those of you who enjoy weirdos, here are the top 100 strangest stories of the year, starting with the top 5 or so. Keep clicking for the rest, once you get to the site.

The frugal will appreciate 50 money-saving websites...and they're not all what you would think!

And now I'll head to bed for a long winter's night, to dream of sugarplums and paperwork that magically gets itself done... hope you had a merry holiday, too.

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DR said...

Cindy, thanks so much for sharing with your readers the 50 money saving websites article. I hope it helps folks save a few bucks! Best, DR

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