Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gingerbread Houses Made Easy

Try this Pop-Tart version, courtesy of Kellogg's. A couple of boxes of Pop-Tarts, a few cans of frosting, some goodies to decorate, and you're done! (Did you know they make gingerbread Pop-Tarts??) Some real architectural opportunities for expansion here...

Even simpler: sugared Christmas tree cupcakes that use sparkling sprigs of evergreen pushed into frosted cupcakes. I could see a row of these on your favorite cake, too. (Our Dec. 26 wedding was held among a 'forest' of trees -- unsold Christmas trees mounted on stands and decorated with shimmery stuff. Yes, inside the church.)

The Hanky Panky delivery truck isn't here yet. The shipping envelopes are addressed and waiting, and we have plenty of stuff to do. (Rediscovered the inventory room floor last night!) C'mon, buddy. We've got orders to ship for Christmas!

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