Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good Deals

Well, it's been a strange weekend at Ye Olde Brick House. People here seem to be on some pep-em-up/slowdown schedule. Either we're scampering from activity to program...or it's dead, with people sacked out sleeping or dozing or reading. (Gathering strength, no doubt, for the next scamper.) The Mama has been baking for days, and piles of cookies are everywhere. (Also contributing, no doubt, to the torpor.)

Husband and yours truly had solos during church today on the "Friendly Beasts" song. (In case you're wondering, I was the donkey -- Husband was the cow! Yes, I know, he should have been the bull..) Then practice for Christmas Eve service, dinner at friends' house, where we watched the Broncos almmmoooost win the game against the Raiders. It is the first time I can ever remember that a game was stopped -- while police searched the stands for some moron who kept shining a laser pointer into various Broncos' eyes. (The players were actually pointing at the guy, who apparently thought discretion was the better part of valor, and disappeared.) No naps for us today, though I got a brief but refreshing catnap before the screaming began.

Frugal Babe has a money-saving post on buying eyeglasses. I also found a good post on who's offering bonuses with gift card purchases. Add two more to this list -- both Red Robin and Qdoba restaurants are giving $5 bonuses with every $25 of gift cards purchased. (Don't count on these specials being good past Christmas.)

And if your silliness factor is not strong enough, try cheering for the Red Sparrows, the Lawn Chair Drill Team, or the Briefcase Brigade. (Or try Monty Python's Bring Out Your Dead -- my favorite -- Military Fairies orThe Spanish Inquisition! I sure could use a comfy chair...)

Here's hoping your holiday week is a restful one.

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