Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Need a Gift That's Inexpensive...Fast?

The Gingerbread Pop-Tart houses mentioned in the last post just might do the trick.

This post from Like Merchant Ships' archive might be what you need, too. Meredith had to get gifts for a hundred employees -- her husband's the 'big boss.' And $100 was the budgeted amount! You'll be amazed at the ideas that flow out of this post, especially in comments.

For my piano students, Mom and I are hosting a cookie decorating party Friday afternoon. The kids get to indulge in frosting, red-hots and chocolate chips up to their eyebrows, plus a large 'people' cookie for themselves and every person in their family. We get frosted cookies for the holiday plate! (My cousins used to come every year for a C.C.D.C. party, growing up, but the girlies are now Too Old for this childhood tradition. The abbreviation, by the way -- 'Cumings Cookie Decorating Committee.')

We'll have soup or chili for supper, then I'll take them to the local dollar store. (A looked-forward-to tradition now for the kids.) One dollar for every member of their family, plus $1 extra for tax. I love to see the presents they choose...the giggling...and the happy faces taking mysterious bags home to wrap!

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