Monday, December 28, 2009

News, Sales...and Mom

We've been out trolling for bargains -- not so many for me, but found several clothing pieces for Husband. 80% off -- almost cheaper than the thrift shop! Picked up a few marked-down Christmas items, too, but I decided to be circumspect in this area. We are seriously thinking about moving to a smaller place with a larger studio. The thought of moving umpteen rolls of marked-down Christmas paper just sets me off my feed...better to wait and see what happens.

The Mama leaves tomorrow morning, and is more than ready to go. She pestered and pestered to get me to print out her boarding pass -- terribly worried that the airline would somehow cancel her seat. (And leave her where...sitting on the wing?) Needless to say, she's been packed since this morning. We'll ship two boxes to Michigan this afternoon, as well -- I would have stuffed their contents into the suitcase and saved the $$, but the Mama refuses to consider this. There are numerous checks on the weather, and worries that somehow a blizzard will roar in at the last minute and cancel everything in sight. (The forecast is for clear-as-a-bell weather through Wed. morning.)

Ah well. One thing I've found -- Don't Argue With the Mama. No matter what. In less than twenty-four hours, she'll be home, and that's what she really wants. I can't blame her -- I get to missing home myself, after being away.

Dough Roller held a very interesting contest -- people's savviest ways of saving money during the holidays. Don't miss his post; it's got some great ideas!

People have ordered a big batch of Hanky Panky and Golden West books. I'm guessing they're spending gift's ok with us!

Mom is off the phone, and antsy once again. (She just asked how much longer I'll be on the computer...) Better get to shipping those packages...

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