Saturday, January 16, 2010

Donating to Haiti

Things are pretty subdued here.

    Partly because I'm not feeling well (apparently flu)
    Partly because Husband went to Boulder to have lunch with the girlies (sigh...wish I could have gone, too)

...and partly because the chaos in Haiti seems far more important than any silliness here.

What can we do? Right now, donating funds seems the best response -- and quickly.
    I'll be frank here -- I do not trust the Red Cross. In past situations, they were quick to use disaster money donations for other things -- including bloated management salaries. Much of the money sent for 9/11, for example, never went to that cause at all!  One of my uncles remembered seeing Red Cross volunteers during WWII selling food to the troops...and Salvation Army volunteers giving it away. I remember this whenever I hear of another Red Cross scandal -- and there have been many.

Two organizations that pass the honesty test:

The Mennonite Central Committee. This group already has workers in place, and they have one of the highest percentages of donations going directly to the cause, rather than the organization -- nearly 100%.

Samaritan's Purse. Famous for sending shoeboxes of goodies to kids in various countries at Christmastime. ("Operation Christmas Child") This group also has done a great deal of good, with very little funds going to overhead. It's led by Franklin Graham, Billy and Ruth's son. They also have relief workers currently in place.

I hope you'll consider donating to either or both groups...I plan to. The Haitians need our help -- fast.

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