Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy MLK Day!

Husband slept in luxuriously, while I did an appraisal...and worked on Stuff. (Ok, I slept in a bit longer, too.) Our houseguests left on Saturday night. It feels so strange to be back to cooking for just two people -- plus dogs! And it's back to wandering around in underwear, to grab a clean pair of socks, or let the dogs out.


I wish I could say I was doing exciting stuff. I am, however, doing business paperwork that needs to be finished off, helping process orders, and cleaning up (slowly) all these accumulated piles. (Yvonne, the 15-minute rule is really coming in handy!) Thank God for being able to tape shows -- I let them play, turn up the volume, then treat them as if they were radio shows. It's amazing how much of the plot you can follow, if you take a good look at the characters in the beginning of the program, then just listen for new voices.

More tomorrow.

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After four hours at Tuesday Morning's checkout line today, I can honestly relate. Okay, maybe a nap AND a cookie.