Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Kirk Collection - Quilt Heritage Foundation - and Crazy Quilt Society

Nancy Kirk is a colleague in many ways, including appraising, teaching and writing. She wrote the foreward to my book, Crazy Quilts. She also was one of the first quilt professionals I ever met, during a show at Kansas City, when I was a fledgling editor for Quilter's Newsletter. (I admired one of the quilt tops her business, the Kirk Collection, was selling -- it's still in my collection.)

Ever since then, she has become a good friend. I've often taught for the nonprofit she co-founded with husband Bill and Camille Cognac, the Quilt Heritage Foundation.

In early January, The Kirk Collection and Quilt Heritage Foundation websites were hacked by Saudi Arabian terrorists. They managed to crash and erase everything. Fortunately, they were not able to access the mailing lists or personal info of customers or members...but those things could and did disappear. Permanently.

The websites are back up and slowly rebuilding. Nancy needs your help, though -- she is trying to re-collect a database of people interested in old quilts and textiles (The Kirk Collection and QHF), as well as quilt restoration (The Quilt Restoration Foundation) and Crazy Quilts. (Crazy Quilt Society).

Start the process at the Kirk Collection website. (I did.) Your info will be on a secure site, and not used for anything else but contact information for the groups mentioned.

An e-mail to Nancy (and your prayers) wouldn't hurt, either. She's had a rough few years, health-wise, and was just starting to get back up to speed.

Hang in there, friend.

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