Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Musings on a New Year

Woke up a little after 7 a.m., as if someone had just slapped me...places to go, people to see, stuff to do! Ordered some books, made coffee, let the dogs out (not in that order). The others in the house are gradually getting up now, too -- and all I want to do is go back to bed, coffeecup in hand!

Try starting your new year by getting to know a new blog friend better -- The Nester. She takes a 'make do with what you've got, plus clearance/thrift shop stuff' approach that is fascinating, including a plea for what she calls "slow decorating." The easiest way to soak it all in: some of her best posts for 2009. (Don't miss the links on the 'Price My Space' party -- they're crammed with inspiration.)

What did this past year bring? The strangest mix of heartbreak and happiness...

*Business as usual. Life at Brickworks continues to grow. I just wish the teaching gigs didn't have to jam themselves together so much, making some months hectic and others dead. Rather than flopping over during quiet periods, I need to discipline myself to Finish Up Things. This new year is looking even more complicated in that respect.

*Quilts of the Golden West came out in September! (And continues to do well, thanks in part to reviews and peoples' interest.) Hanky Panky Crazy Quilts was re-issued in December, and is still alive and well.

*My dad's death in February. I miss this big, quiet Dutch farmer so much.

*Daughter #2 started an appraisal/certification course for gemology. (As of January, she's about halfway through.) I am so proud of her.

*Daughter #1 is going back to school to finish up her BA in Psychology. She starts in a week or so. I am so proud of her, too!

*We are losing our dogs slowly. Our babies, our boys. Buck is 14+, and Goonie incredibly old age for Weimaraners. They both have difficulty getting up or moving quickly -- hip dyplasia is causing their legs to give out. We came close to losing Goonie just before Christmas -- the second scare this year. I'm not naive. I figure one or both will be gone by spring.

*Big expenses coming. We're looking at $1000-plus for car repairs in the next month. The Hanky Panky books must be paid for -- a huge hit, all at once. We'll replace the house's windows this year -- another huge hit, softened a bit by the tax credit.

*Holding our own -- and actually gaining ground! Bills paid, enough in the savings emergency fund to pay house taxes, repairs made in time, deadlines generally did we do it? By God's grace, that's how.

I am so grateful for His care.

This post is long -- so I'll finish with new goals in a bit. Thank you for going through this year with me; it's been nice, having you along for the ride. 

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