Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Wanderings

A strange day, compared to the usual. We went to a funeral this morning, saw people we had not talked to for years...then did errands, with Husband still in tie and dresscoat. Wouldn't you know it -- we kept running into friends, especially at Wal-Mart, who would notice H. and do a double-take. The last time he was so formally dressed, it was either another funeral...or a wedding. Can't remember which.

The Nester has a nice giveway right now -- a $50 gift certificate for some very nice mixed jewelry (pearls, stones, charms and such). It ends Monday, though, so hustle over there.

Just got a free sample in the mail -- Kellogg's has a new flavored Pop-Tart: Wild Grape. I liked the taste a lot -- it's much more tangy, and contrasts nicely with the (froggy green) frosting sprinkles and swirl on top.

Re-found a wonderful home dec/crafting blog I think you'll like, too:  Homebody Holly. I look at her photos and think, "Gee, I could actually make that!"

Our house guests have left for a few nights...staying with other friends, and visiting a church tomorrow that supports them. (Cynthia and Joel are missionaries to Hungary.) Yesterday we had a special treat (to them): the Pizza Hut Meat-Lovers version. I had to confess that it was special for us, too...we always get Little Caesar's, because it's cheaper!

And now I will stop wandering around, finish the dishes, clean a bit...then settle in for an evening of stitching. Hope you're having a good weekend.

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