Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Husband had the day off today, which meant a long snooze-in, bigger breakfast (prepared by yours truly)...and the usual round of piano lessons and such. For yours truly. Husband, to his credit, washed the dishes and scrubbed the oven!

In between, all sorts of interesting stuff wandered in off the Internet:

The Russian luger who was killed had a premonition...he told his father he was scared of the track, and would either win or die. 

A recap of photos from the Winter Olympics. (I wish I could keep track of everybody, but these at least give you a quick overview.)

A very cool blog -- the Grocery Challenge Cart is a great place to go for frugal ideas,practical living, and best of all, some of the best easy-to-follow recipes I've seen in a long time.

Here's an excellent out-in-the-trenches article on healthy grocery shopping on a budget. 

A guy bought a loaf of bread -- and got a free protein bonus. Squeak!

And last but not least in the food department, a steakhouse menu to try at home.

Johnny Weir, a Winter Olympics skater, plans to try a quadruple jump. (Go, buddy, go! If Apolo Ohno can win a sixth medal, anything can happen!)

A whole set of very strange resignations.

And maybe the best skeleton battle ever.  (Did you know skeletons scream like little girls??) I'm kind of partial to the skeleton fight with Sinbad, too...that great skittery music.

And finally -- 12 Very Cool (But Weird Things) you can buy on the internet, including those huge zip-in clear plastic balls that let you prance around on water like "some insane hamster messiah."

We were just too beat to go out for Valentine's Day yesterday. We worked until 4:30 a.m. on various projects; got up a few hours later, and sang on Worship Team for two services -- then our small group hosted a cake-and-strawberries open house for Zeke and Mandy in between. (They're leaving soon for a college pastor job in Ohio. Godspeed, guys!) I could barely get lunch down before zzzing out...we slept for four hours.

So tonight, it's off to Outback -- and supper with the man I love. Who may not be the most lavish romantic I've ever met -- his present was a pot of roses I'd already bought for the open house. But snuggling with him on a late winter's afternoon, talking about everything from Bigfoot to Cancun, may be the best Valentine's Day present ever. Happy Valentine's Day, Husband. This girl loves ya.

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