Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mr. Fever's Still in Town --

...and apparently planning to hang out with his Auntie Headache for a while. I'm just grateful Masser Nausea is sulking in a corner for now. (Not that I mind being best buds with white ceramic appliances that were NOT meant to be stared into for long periods of time. Ahem.)

My mom says this stuff is marching through Michigan; all I know is that it's not uncommon in Colorado, either. And, of course, it is NOT the flu type that responds to a shot! Poor Daughter #1 has been struggling through her schedule; I apparently shared my 'gift' with her, too.

On the plus side, I finally got a batch of cranberry-red Glogg started, hopefully ready in time for Husband's birthday Feb. 20. And some paperwork is starting to get done...more tonight. Some dishes got washed in between dizzy spells, some clothes folded. The dentist appt. got postponed, and someone else will sing in my place on Worship Team tonight. Thank God.

Now to find a warm blanket and some hot tea...back soon.

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