Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Pantry Challenge...and Flu

I guess it was inevitable.

Got back at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, after a lecture and some fun spent with the Northern Colorado Quilters (LNCQ) in Fort Collins, a few hours north. We had a great time looking at pioneer era pieces, and talking about the kinds of quilts and coverlets taken west. (If they were going to last -- sturdy ones!)

On the way home, I stopped at Daughter #1's new apartment, only to find out she needed 'just a few things' moved out of her old place. Two trips later, we both staggered out (she'd had a long day, too), and I drove home, feeling a tad strange.

Found out why yesterday morning. Some kind soul, probably either in Fort Collins or at church on Sunday, had given me a present: the flu. I spent most of yesterday either sacked out on the couch or huddled up to my new best friend, the toilet. (Not very conversational -- but a useful ally.)

Today, the fever's down, although I haven't strayed too far from home. Mr. Nausea keeps wanting to visit; Doritos and hot tea are two of the few things that keep him away!

A final assessment of the Pantry Challenge:

I could have done better -- but I could have done worse.

Instead of $50, I spent closer to $95 for the month of January. Why? Because some incredible sales came by that I couldn't afford to ignore. Potatoes -- 99 cents for 10 pounds. Whole roasting chicken -- 79 cents a pound. Pork loin -- 99 cents a pound. All practically unheard of here in central Colorado.

So yes, I gave in and stocked up. Forty pounds of potatoes are ensconced in a cooler on the back porch, and should keep there nicely until late spring. (If the temp goes down to single digits, I'll bring them in for the night.) I even got some tv dinners for Husband, who hates to cook for himself while I'm on a gig. (Which I was -- in California, and northern Colorado.) Also bought groceries for Daughter #1's recent move. (She now lives smack dab south of the Capital -- a large golden dome glows on her street throughout the night.)

On the plus side, I went way over on Jan. 31 -- the last day of the experiment. Nearly all purchases were on sale, including stock-up items. There's a lot more daylight showing in both freezers, and the pantry shelves are not so jammed. There are families in our church who could use some extra supplies -- I think I may thin the ranks even more, for a good cause. (Could you help out people in your community, too? Surely you wouldn't miss a few cans of something that much.)

Here's another person's final tally for the Pantry Challenge...and the lessons they learned.

The final score for the Bricks: approx. $25 a week, for two people, plus extras? Not too bad. I'm hoping to keep purchases down to a dull roar in February too -- it helped.

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Anonymous said...

So glad it worked for you! Sorry to hear you have the flu!

Re your comment, I emailed a couple of times. Do hope they aren't missing, perhaps in you junk folder? My email is on my contact me page, if you can't find them in your junk, trash or inbox.

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