Sunday, February 7, 2010


Spent a snug afternoon by the fire...and Husband. Who trudged off to church today, taking care of our responsibilities, so I could rest. What a wonderful guy.  After watching the Superbowl together, he said, "Well, the commercials weren't that great...but the game was terrific!" Then he realized what he said, and looked sideways at me!

He's right. The commercials were 'ok.' One of the best was the 'NCIS headslap.'  The CareerBuilder 'Casual Friday' spot is a winner, too. In general, though, they just seemed to be a tired reworking of past years and ideas. Emerald Nuts -- SuperFlyMan and people acting like Sea World dolphins? Stupid is not necessarily wonderful! GoDaddy (and sex) -- enough, already!!!

But the game, especially fourth quarter, was more tahn worth it. Wow, Nawlins, you wanted it...and you got it! Congratulations!!

For those of you little dears who didn't watch the Superbowl:

*Denny's is offering a free Grand Slam breakfast on Tuesday, Feb. 9 -- 6 a.m. - 2 p.m.
*Dockers has a new contest to win one of thousands of a free pair of pants
*Campbells is giving out a bunch of great coupons for Chunky soup.

Without the Big S, I wouldn't have known about a fascinating new series: "Undercover Boss." This new series puts CEOs of major companies at starting positions in their own corporations...starting with Larry O'Donnell of Waste Management. His face is priceless -- especially when he gets fired on Day #2! (The man just can't pick up papers fast enough.) Don't miss this if only big bosses everywhere would try it, and take the lessons learned to heart. I wish mine had...

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