Saturday, February 13, 2010

Veggie Fruit Heaven -- in the Dead of Winter

There's a new Sprouts Market in town! Yesterday, friend Jo dragged me there, and I wandered around in a daze. Great prices, friendly people offering fresh-baked muffins and oj, crispy-fresh produce...and some of the best sales prices I've seen in years. I got a cartful for Daughter #1, and we went back last night for some more. If you've got a Sprouts in your town, you need to pay it a visit. Not only are the weekly sales good, but visit on a Wednesday, and both weeks' prices apply -- the near-past and the newly-present! 

Frugal Babe loves green smoothies. She raves at how tasty this blenderized mixture of greens tastes. In her honor, I picked up a Green Goodness smoothie from Bolthouse Farms. At first taste, this bubbly green mixture has an intriguing hint of pineapple and green apple. But the more I sipped, I kept thinking about haying season...driving the tractor, sun hot on the back of your neck, the bales landing with a satisfying thump in the back of the wagon as it chugs slowly on. A fresh-mown smell, cropped bits underfoot, and a warm golden haze over everything.

Why? Snow on the ground, and I'm thinking about hay?? It was the smoothie! Must have been the wheatgrass...

I could feel my dad, Mr. Big Tough Dutch Farmer, laughing his head off.  Sorry, Frugal dear -- think I'll be sticking to berry smoothies and frappucinos from now on.

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