Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Age of Wonder

I've been ploughing through a fascinating book by Richard Holmes -- The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science. Holmes parades through a cast of characters that is still influencing modern thought today -- and these people lived in the 1700s!

I haven't gotten far... only through Joseph Banks, Captain Cook's botanist (who paid for the privilege, bringing along his own greyhounds and servants) and William Herschel, who along with his sister Caroline, discovered Uranus. Next are the professional balloonists, and Davy, the inventor of the Davy safety lamp -- an indispensable boon to miners. (I saw one at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry, while lecturing there. Since Husband's name is David, it was memorable!)

The only horrible part -- I can't gobble. This is meaty stuff, to be savored and thought about with each page. These people, and their observations and discoveries, had a huge influence on modern culture -- along with the furniture, home and objects they lived with. Including textiles.


I'll be speaking for the Colorado Quilt Council Saturday morning in Longmont, CO -- you're welcome to come! Visit CQC's website for directions and time .

I'm also teaching a class on how to make and embellish Crazy quilts -- but alas, it is full. (I'll be doing another one in October of this year for the Rocky Mountain Crazy Quilt Society (Denver, CO); just ask for instructions on how to enroll.)

If you visit the CQC meeting on Saturday morning, be sure to stop by the sales table afterwards, and say hi! 

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