Thursday, March 18, 2010


After two days of glorious 60s weather, clouds have papered the sky, the wind is up, and we're getting warnings of a spring blizzard roaring in tonight and tomorrow.

It's not terrible news; we did our traveling earlier in the week, when Daughter #2 and I took the Mama and Cousin Joy to Garden of the Gods. (They said they were impressed, but we spent a lot of time fielding comments, finding bathrooms and hustling people places where they wouldn't feel chilly.) I have a boatload of appraisals to finish off, and watching the snow will be a good stimulating factor to Get Them Done.

I would love to tell you something wonderful has happened this week, but it has been all I can do to keep business stuff going, make sure I'm at commitments promised, pick up/take people to the train station, and schlep the Mama off to see her granddaughters, as well as a few quilting events. It'll stay this way through next Monday evening, when the Michiganders head back home.

Next Saturday is speaking at the Colorado Quilting Council in Longmont about Crazies...the Sunday class that follows is full, but there are plenty of spots Saturday morning! (See the Colorado Quilt Council website for info.)

Helpful tips: 18 ways to find great clothes at thrift shops, thanks to Get Rich Slowly.
    And a look at the New Essentials, courtesy of Tight-Fisted Miser. (Thanks, dudes.)

Have a great Friday, dears.

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